Product Name:  Shopping Kaddy Rolling Baskets (Box of 10)
Product ID: 84117770
Description: INCREASE SALES - Pfaff-silberblau Canada is pleased to announce the introduction of a revolutionary new shopping aide for use in supermarkets, stores and other retail locations across North America. The Shopping Kaddy resembles a conventional shopping basket and can be carried in the same hand-held fashion, but as it becomes too full or heavy with purchases, it can be rolled along the floor using its telescopic handle. The Shopping Kaddy consistently demonstrates an increase in sales. It’s durable and ergonomic design makes it possible for retail customers to carry more products with less effort leading to a more pleasant shopping experience. In a study conducted by A.C. Nielsen in Europe it was determined that by using the Shopping Kaddy, shoppers purchased 23% more products and stayed 11% longer in the store. When compared to the traditional shopping basket, the Shopping Kaddy generated an 18% higher average transaction value. The Shopping Kaddy is lightweight and manoeuvrable and 50% larger than traditional shopping baskets. With this added rolling capacity, shoppers will continue to shop in comfort regardless of their purchase quantities. It is especially suited for stores where space for carts is at a premium and large stores where traditional baskets become heavy and cumbersome. Pfaff-silberblau Canada, under its DisplayTek brand, conducted its own survey and found that consumers tired easily when carrying a heavy basket. The research indicates that nearly 60% of customers stop shopping and head for the checkout counter once a basket is full or weighs too much to be carried, supporting the A.C. Neilson study findings. The Shopping Kaddy is a revolutionary tool for the retail industry. Wheels and a telescoping handle have forever changed the way we use luggage and they are going to be a welcome innovation for shoppers all over North America. The Shopping Kaddy also has many uses around the home and office. Learn more about the Shopping Kaddy at and try it today.
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